11 May 2016

Defibrillator now located at the Square

Thanks to 1st Bramhall Scouts, who have been working hard to raise funds for the last two years, we now have a potentially life-saving defibrillator located at the Village Square.

The hard work of the Scout Group allowed the purchase of three defibs for Bramhall together with a  generous donation to St Anne’s Hospice.

The defib in the Village Square is located close to Bramhall Flowers on the Ack Lane East side of the Square.  The other two Bramhall defibs are located at The Village Club on Lumb Lane and at the Methodist Church.

If anyone needs to use the defibrillator in an emergency, they should call 999 in the first instance and the operator will provide the code to open the locked case and advise on how to use the equipment.

Many thanks go to 1st Bramhall Scouts for their contribution to the Bramhall community.