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5th April 2024

The Village Square Banking Hub is now officially open for business!

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We are very pleased that Cash Access UK agreed to open the open the first permanent hub in Greater Manchester in the Square and know it will be a huge benefit to both individuals and businesses.

The Hub offers a counter service operated by the Post Office, where customers of all major banks and building societies can carry out regular cash transactions, Monday to Friday, 9am-5.00pm.

It also offers a Community Banker service where customers can talk to their own bank about more complicated issues on the day their bank is in the Hub:

Monday: NatWest

Tuesday: Barclays

Wednesday: Santander

Thursday: Lloyds

Friday: Halifax

We combined two units to create a large and welcoming space which as well as the post office counter also has a private meeting room for customers to discuss their personal banking matters.

Paul Wrigglesworth, Wain Estates property director, said: “When the final bank in Bramhall closed, we actively approached Cash Access to explore the possibility of bringing a Banking Hub to the Square and are absolutely delighted to now see it open.

“It will provide a vital banking service, needed not just by members of the community but by the many independent shops and businesses in Bramhall Village Square and the wider village centre.”

Mary Robinson MP for Cheadle: “Great to see the Banking Hub open! Having started the campaign by raising the issue with the Prime Minister at PMQs, I am delighted that banking services have now been restored to Cheadle constituency. Thank you to LINK, Cash Access UK, and the Post Office for their hard work in making this happen, and bringing cash and everyday banking services to the community! I was delighted to ‘cut the ribbon’ at the official opening and look forward to working with LINK to secure the next one!”

Cllrs Dallas Jones and Tom Morrison, Stockport Metropolitan Borough Council: “A huge welcome to the new Banking Hub! This is brilliant news and well deserved for the community. We’re delighted the campaign to bring banking services back to Bramhall has resulted in this!”

Gareth Oakley, CEO, Cash Access UK: “I’m delighted to see the opening of our Bramhall Hub in the Village Square. As well as supporting continued access to cash and face-to-face banking services for residents, it will provide a boost to local businesses too.”

More information about Banking Hubs here:

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