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August 2023

The Village Square Book Exchange: Sharing Tales and Building the Community

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The Village Square Book Exchange is more than just a collection of shelves and books; it’s a exciting hub of knowledge. With its enchanting motto, “Take a look, then borrow a book, read the story and find the hook. Once you’ve finished, pop back to the Square, find your next read and bring a book to share,” this book exchange is a gathering place for book lovers of all ages.

The Exchange Process

The magic of the Village Square Book Exchange lies in its simple exchange process. Visitors are encouraged to take a book that captures their interest and borrow it for as long as they need to immerse themselves in its pages. There are no formal procedures or paperwork—just a shared understanding and trust among the community. It’s a delightful feeling to walk away with a new adventure in hand, knowing that someone else’s treasured story is now in your care.

However, the beauty of this book exchange doesn’t end there. Once you’ve finished reading, the tradition is to return to the Square and find another book that piques your curiosity. But here’s the twist: you’re also encouraged to bring a book from your personal collection to share with others. In this way, the exchange grows and evolves with the participation of every visitor, ensuring a constant flow of fresh stories and perspectives.

So, if you find yourself wandering through the Village Square, be sure to visit the Book Exchange. Take a book, lose yourself in its pages, and return to share your own story.

The Rhyme 

Take a look, then borrow a book, read the story and find the hook. 

Once you’ve finished, pop back to the Square, find your next read and bring a book to share.

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