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July 2023

Village Square Business Blog – The Honeypot

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Q. How many years has your business been trading?

A. 7 months


Q. How would you describe your business? What services or products do you offer?

A. Honeypot is a polish restaurant/ Caffe also selling some polish products.


Q. Why did you start your business? What’s your favourite thing about being an owner?

A. Opening our own business had always been a longstanding aspiration of ours.
When the opportunity arose, my mother, who had previously catered to people in Poland, came to live with me, we decided to combine our talents and enter into a joint venture: opening a restaurant.

As owners, there’s a great deal of responsibility that comes with the role, but our favourite aspect is the freedom of not having to answer to anyone else.


Q. Describe what a day in your business looks like. What routines do you follow each day?

A. Our daily routine involves showcasing the cakes in the morning, setting up the outdoor tables, inspecting the dining area, and verifying the reservations.


Q. What makes your business unique?

A. We specialise in authentic Polish cuisine, freshly prepared and homemade. We strictly refrain from purchasing any pre-packaged or processed food, ensuring that only high-quality ingredients are used in our dishes. Our recipes have been handed down through generations, preserving the traditional flavours that we hold dear. Our commitment lies in serving good, unadulterated food rather than resorting to shortcuts or compromising quality.


Q. What’s the biggest piece of advice you have for people interested in starting up an independent business like yours?

A. Ensure that you create a comprehensive cost spreadsheet and carefully consider the staff you plan to hire, as finding dependable personnel can be challenging. Thoroughly assess the location where you intend to operate your business.




Q. Tell us something we may not know about your business and its offering.

A. We take great pleasure in organising private events, where we can provide a unique dining experience. We have the flexibility to accommodate live music, adding an extra touch of entertainment and ambiance to these special occasions.


Q. Tell us an interesting fact about yourself.

A. I have a deep passion for gardening, and I am fortunate to have an allotment where I cultivate various vegetables and fruits. Occasionally, I have the joy of incorporating my homegrown produce into our restaurant’s dishes, adding a special touch of freshness and flavour. Cooking has been the essence of my mother’s entire life. She gained significant recognition in Poland for her culinary expertise, even showcasing her skills on television. Her exceptional talent in the kitchen has earned her multiple awards.


Q. What is the best thing about the location of your business? why did you choose the Village Square?

A. I really like Bramhall the Village Square is filled with delightful small businesses.

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